Velocity was founded just outside of Brisbane, Australia in 1989.  Our first product was an adjustable aluminum waterbottle cage called the 'Velocage'.  It was such a clever and simple design that sales spread outside of Australia to the United States.  As the company grew, so did our product offering and in 1991 we introduced our first aluminum rim, the Aero.  Velocity set itself apart by offering a variety of rim drillings, sizes, and colors for the custom wheel builder.  Our reputation was formed by providing an excellently manufactured and high quality product, with service and flexibility that is unmatched.  In 1998 we began to produce fully built wheels using cleverly sourced high end components paired to Velocity rims.  Many generations of high end, fully customizable wheels later, The Wheel Department was formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan near the beginning of 2011.  In January 2012 we packed up our Australian facility and moved it to Jacksonville, Florida making us one of the only United States made aluminum rim manufacturers in the world - a fact we are very proud of. Most recently in December of 2016, we consolidated all of our production and distribution into our Grand Rapids, Michigan facility.

Our mission is to provide you with wheels, rims, and accessories that allow you to enjoy your bicycle to its fullest extent.  To us, that means providing incredibly durable yet performance oriented equipment that can be customized to your tastes and desires.  


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