Cleary Bikes Cleary Owl 20" 3 Speed

Article number: Owl red 3

An Owl, with 3 speeds!

  • 3-Speed Sturmey Archer S-RF3 Internal Gear rear hub.  Light alloy body, reliable and abusable. Riders shift when NOT pedalling. 

    The internally geared hub offers a wider gear range than the single speed, while remaining simple to use and virtually maintenance free.

    Kids shift the three-speed drivetrain with a handlebar mounted trigger shifter. 

    Gear range: 32 x 19T middle gear ratio with 25% gear reduction in lowest gear and 33% increase in top gear.

    21 lbs  

      • Expert bike geometry centers weight between the rider’s hands and seat, which creates a stable, quick-handling bike
      • Front and rear Tektro V-brakes brakes, grips and 19mm diameter handlebars designed specifically for little hands
      • Slim, junior race-style vegan leather saddle designed to maximize a rider’s range of motion while minimizing chafing and weight
      • 5mm Allen skewer on front wheel
      • Internal brake cable routing
      • Water Bottle cage mounts on down tube 
      • Three-piece crank and square taper bottom bracket
      • Reinforced steel fork
      • Your child will ride the Owl on trails, to school, all over the bike park and probably sleep with it in his room.  (Sorry about that!)
      • Owls accept knobby mountain bike tires up to 2.125" for extreme off-road use  
      • Owl bikes arrive 90% assembled.  You install the pedals, seatpost, handlebars and front wheel, as outlined in the Cleary Bikes Assembly Manual and seen on our Assembly Videos.
      • Best fit for riders with an inseam of 19" to 23"

    We spent a lot of time figuring out how to put gears on an Owl.  In keeping with the rest of our line, we wanted the geared Owl to be smooth and maintenance free, with a wide range.  As kids develop their riding skills they want to go further, ride bigger hills and pedal faster.  For that intrepid rider who's ready to shift, we developed the 3-Speed Owl.

    Most 20” wheel kids bikes switch gears with a derailleur, so why did we opt for the internal gear? 

    A derailleur on a 20" wheel bike sits precariously close to the ground.  If your child drops her bike, leans it against a wall, rides it through too tight of a space, puts it drive-side down in the trunk or backpedals after a shift, the derailleur will likely bend or break.   

    We don't blame the rider for that.  Kids are kids.  They're tough on stuff. 

    What will damage our internally geared drive train?  Nothing we can think of.  It will offer a smooth transition through a wide gear range on every ride. Our hubs are sealed, so they're also impervious to water and mud. 

    Shift a gear to climb a hill.  Shift a gear to pedal down the other side.  Shift a gear to power away on the flats.   All from a simple, self-contained internally geared hub.

    The simple-to-use trigger shifter allows a single light action button press to shift the 3 gears, even when the bike’s not being pedaled.  Internally geared hubs shift anywhere.  Stationary at a stop sign?  Shift gears.  Half way up a hill?  Click away.

  • Standover Height (top tube) 490mm/19.3"
    Top Tube Length (horizontal) 455mm/17.9"
    Top Tube Length (actual) 435mm/17.1"
    Seat Tube Length 240mm/9.4"
    Seat Post Diameter 25.4mm
    Seat Tube Angle 71 degrees
    Head Tube Length 100mm
    Head Angle 70 degrees
    Bottom Bracket Height 227mm/9"
    Bottom Bracket Width 68mm
    Chain Stay Length 355mm/14"
    Rear Drop-Out Width 112mm
    Fork Drop-Out Width 100mm
    Wheelbase Length 842mm/33.1"
    Stack Height 419mm/16.5"
    Reach Length 318mm/12.5"
  • Rider Inseam 19" to 23"
    Alloy Riser Handlebar Width 520mm/21"
    Leather Saddle Length 21.5mm/8.5"
    Alloy Stem Length 50mm
    Alloy Stem Diameter 1"
    Headset Diameter 1"
    Brakes Tektro front & rear V-brakes
    Crank Length 127mm
    Front Chainring 32 tooth
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