Taga Consignment Cargo Kid Bike

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*** Needs Battery $350*** The Taga 2.0 Electric is the perfect family bike – Build with 3 wheels and can carry up to 3 children, 2 in the front cargo compartment and one more on a rear rack.

Our Electric Model of the regular bike comes with one speed and a 250W electric motor pack, allowing you to travel even faster and more at ease than before!

Seated comfortably in the Taga Cargo, children are positioned in front of you, allowing them to explore the world together with you as you travel. Taga also offers many accessories to choose from and customize your Taga Bike, designing it specifically for your needs. It is a new way to be active and lead a sustainable and healthy way of life.

The Electric Duo Bundle

Includes the Taga Bike 2.0 Model, the Electric Kit, frontal cargo compartment and 2 child seats which fit perfectly in the cargo, and 2 seat padding sets in a color of your choice (from our collection.

Additional accessories can be purchased separately.


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