Follow Me Tandem

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Key  benefits:
  • Cycling together 
  • With FollowMe, you can transport a second child's seat or your shopping on a carrier. 
  • You can couple your child's bike in no time and without tools or additional parts in a few short moves. 
  • If you purchase an additional child's bike fitting kit, you can tow 2 children with 1 FollowMe at different points in a ride, allowing you to cycle further as a family. 
  • FollowME is manufactured using high-quality steel that is then chrome plated to leave a premium finish. 
  • The two-point support at the hub level ensures safety, ride comfort, and stability because there is no leverage as with conventional trailer bikes and supports attached to the saddle tube. 
  • Safely towing your child through road traffic. Even you can be more relaxed and the kids will become accustomed to cycling and road traffic. 
  • FollowMe can be quickly and compactly stowed away in a car, on a car rack or on a train. 
  • The FollowMe grows with your child - as you children grow so does the size of their bike. This is not a problem for FollowMe its suitable for 12" wheel bikes up to 20". 
  • As with all high-quality family cycling products, when it comes to passing on your used FollowME you will recoup a lot of the original sale value on the second-hand market. 
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