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Mobo Triton Pro: The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser (Adult)

Bored riding on just two wheels? The Mobo Triton Pro comes with sporty look, low rugged chassis, and an innovative rear-wheel steering system. Together they offer you a unique ride. The ergonomic recumbent seat and sturdy, adjustable frame guarantee you a relaxed riding experience. Our cruiser adjusts for rider heights from 4' to 6'3". Quality you can trust, caliper handbrakes, front free-wheel mechanism, years of life and a stylish finish are just a few of its features. Don't take our word for it – get your ride on today!

9 Years and Up

4' - 6'3" Tall

Up to 250 lbs

48" Length/ 61" Extended

28" Width

29" Height

44 Lbs.

Single Speed



Rear Wheel Steering

Hand Caliper Brake

Cushioned Seat

12.5" Above the Ground

20" Front

16" Rear

Inflatable Rubber Tires

Available in

Blue, Red, Silver, Orange


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