Woom Bikes WOOM 2 Bike 14 inch 13lb Age: 3 - 4.5 years Height: 37" - 43"

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An easy-to-learn pedal bike
The woom 2 provides a bike developed exclusively for children that are new to or have only recently begun pedaling; short cranks and a low bottom bracket to enable your child to always put their feet on the ground without losing balance. This bike represents the ideal link between the balance bike and a pedal bike and enables fast learning of the movement process - even without training wheels. 

Ready to pedal: The 14” woom 2 provides an easy transition from balance to pedal bike. Weight: 11.24 lbs; Designed for ages 3 to 4.5 years or overall height 37"-43”.
Easy to learn: The beginner-friendly geometry is the centerpiece of the bike. It is designed to make riding bikes child's play. Teach your child to ride without training wheels!
Safety: Front & rear hand V-brake plus coaster/foot brake. Our color-coded proprietary brake levers are designed specifically for children. The coaster brake is installed by default in the USA because of CPSC rules. A separate freewheel kit is available for purchase.
Key features: Light-weight aluminum frame, long wheelbase for stable and safe straight-away riding, optimized for an upright riding position, quality air-filled Schwalbe tires, quick release seat post clamp.
Accessories: Kickstand is included for free. Bell and other accessories can be purchased separately.
Size: 14"
Weight: 11.24 lbs
Age: 3 - 4.5 years
Height: 37" - 43"
Available variants:
Red / Blue / Green / Purple / Yellow
A magical moment in childhood:
Watch me, I ride a bike!

Marcus Ihlenfeld
Founder of woom

woom brake
Braking is something that has to be learned; kids recognize the important rear brake by the eye-catching green lever so they don't mix it up with the front brake.
Bike geometry

A Wheel / Tire size 14"
B Cockpit / Grip height 24.6"
C Steering angle 68°
D Horizontal toptube length 13.98"
E Wheelbase 25.1"
F Seattube angle 67°
G Minimum Seat Height 15.94"
H Maximum Seat Height 19.09"
I Crank length 3.15"
J Adjustable Handlebar +/- 10°

frame material: light, high quality Aluminum alloy 6061 with seamless tubes
beginner geometry with 14" wheels and easy handling: low entry and very low sitting position, a long wheel base and forgiving steering geometry to provide good balance and thus more riding fun
steering limiter for more safety to prevent overturning the handlebars

light unicrown fork made out of aluminum
1” shaft
self-aligning for easy stearing

fully-integrated 1" headset
sealed industrial bearings
integrated ahead clamp

Steering limiter
to stabilize steering and prevent overturning and falls, a small rubber o-ring is attached to the fork and frame

new, lighter stem made out of forged aluminum
1.57" / +15°
“knee-friendly”: no protruding bolts thanks to the integrated handlebar clamp design
screwed onto handlebars with 5 mm hex bolts

wide, ergonomic and lightweigt for more control
BMX style riser bar for maximum adjustability
sandblasted / black anodized
0.75" diameter grip even suitable for tiny hands
19.69" width

woom Ergogrip – the smallest in its kind
ergonomically formed gripping surface, pollution-free
handlebar with extra large diameter for great protection
screw handles for fixed hold

light, forged 3.15" aluminum cranks with a narrow Q-factor (width between the pedals)
beginner gearing: 25 x 15T
plastic pedals
sealed cartridge
freewheel hub (no coaster)
freewheel hub – no coaster, the freewheel hub allows kids to chose their own launch position of the pedals

mini V-brakes
2 short-reach brake levers with reach adjustability also suitable to fit tiny hands
soft rear brake pads and harder front brake pads for more efficient braking power
high-quality Jagwire cables for reduced friction and smooth performance
soft rear brake pads and harder front brake pads for more efficient braking power
green color-coded rear brake lever and green rear brake pads to help differenciate between the front and rear brakes
Coaster brake (optional freewheel accessory purchase)

ultralight Soopa-Doopa-Hoops aluminum rims
aluminum hubs with sealed bearings
0.2" hex key required to install and remove wheels
16 stainless spokes, 2x laced

14 x 1.5" low-resistance tires for good damping, low rolling resistance and grip
car-type valve for easy filling at each service station
reflective strips for better visibility

age-specific ergonomic design
additional added protection to lean on walls

Seat Post
anodized aluminum post with insertion marks that indicate minimal and maximal insertion depths

Seat Post Clamp
aluminum / quick-release
long lever that is easy to use
does not twist when tightened

Enclosed Tools
5 mm hex key for stem
15 mm pedal wrench

11.24 lbs

woom red, sunny yellow, woom green, sky blue, purple haze

Shipping Dimensions
38.98" x 20.87" x 68.9"
Bike Information
Max weight: 132 lbs (60kg). At woombikes USA, we reserve the right to make changes to the information on our website at any time. Weights are based on time of information publication and are up-to-date. Weights may vary slightly, as we are always improving our bikes.

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